kbc jackpot winner

kbc jackpot winner 2020

kbc jackpot winner season 12
kbc jackpot winner season 12

Kbc jackpot Winner 2020 &  Kbc Jio Lucky Draw Winners are warmly welcomed to India’s Greatest Game Show “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” Congrats! Dear Participants of KBC Season 12 in 2020, receive congrats in advance by Team KBC. Get ready to take advantage of This season’s easy questions to Win a Most Famous Indian Television game show known as KBC Jackpot Play. The host of this game show is Indian Legend Actor Amitabh Bachchan. KBC jackpot 2020 Gameshow is based on the British TV Program” who will be a millionaire.” KBC Official jackpot Website is providing you with the right information regarding KBC Season questions, registration phase, and final lucky winners. Just keep visiting our website regularly to become KBC Jio jackpot Lottery Winner in 2020. Must take part in season 12. may be it can bring huge lottery cash for you and your loved ones.

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Winner List 2020 (Aug)
Lottery AmountLottery NumberWinner City
1Miss. Koshalya Devi25,00,00000*125**Ludhiana
2Miss. Priya Laxmi25,00,000**889**Shimla
3Mr. Aadi Barhman25,00,000111***4Bengaluru
4Mr. Aazam Bohra50,00,000459*12*Guwahati
5Mr. Tanu Laal25,00,00011***21Meeruth
6Mr. Vikram Bihari25,00,000118**2Talangana
7Mrs. Kanta Shri50,00,000690***0Indore
8Mrs. Kaushal50,00,000*34*900Visakhapatnam
9Mrs. Sanjay Thakur25,00,000998***Bhubaneswar
10Ms. Raagni Kenth25,00,0001596****Jaipur
kbc jackpot winner list 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati – Introduction for game lovers

Jio sponsored program” Kaun Banega Crorepati,” also known as KBC Lottery, is a famous Indian Lottery series. This program aired on Seasons based. In 2019, Season 11 was complete for Jio KBC jackpot Lovers. Anyone from India, 18 years old, can participate in this game by registering through Sony Liv mobile app. Just Recharge your Jio Sim Card number and make entries to enter into the show.

kbc jackpot latest winner list

After registration, team KBC would conduct auditions in different cities of the country. A separate schedule will announce for tests on the website of Sony. In auditions, you should perform well and approve yourself as the most suitable candidate for the KBC jackpot winner game show.

It would help if you described your life dreams to the management, hope so they would consider you. The next step is for written tests, prepare before the test, and prove your abilities through the best answers. Finally, you would receive a call from KBC Head Office Number confirming you about your reserved seat with Big B.

How to win Kbc Jackpot

Sangio, Saathio, apko btatay chalein ky KBC munch mein aap educational, general knowledge aur world updates ky sawalaat ky jawabaat dy kar jeet sakty hein KBC Lottery ky 25 Lakh sy 7 Crore rupee tak ky inamaat. Jaankari ky liay jurein rahein hamari is website sy. Apko mukamil jaankari ky liay kahin aur jaany ki jaruurat nahi. Sab kuch idhar hi batanay ka. Jio pesh krta hy is baar b buhat baray cash jeetnay ky chance !!

Many other lottery games are actively running there across India. Still, no one game is providing such attractive cash prizes as compared to KBC Game. The reason is apparent for so much rush in Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery that this show is the actual and genuine prize-awarding show. Other lottery schemes are not awarding mega cash prizes. They offer some thousands or maximum of Some lacs. KBC, on the other hand, grants its winners the rewards of 25 lac, 50 Lac, one crore, and 7 Crores. Does any other program pay so much? Exactly not.

kbc season 12
kbc season 12

Kbc jackpot winner Result AUG 2020

Our Indian fans of Kaun Banega Crorepati Game are great fans of this game, which makes a massive number of entries to make sure of their selection process. Eventually, the number of selected participants is less due to limited seats in KBC Live Show. Users, not chosen in Live Show, can participate in KBC GBJJ (Ghar Baithay Jeeto). GBJJ is an excellent feature introduced by Team KBC. Peoples who want to enjoy the KBC Lottery Winner game can participate in their own home. No need to worry, make maximum entries to be next KBC Winner of Season 12 (August 2020).

बहुत ही दिलचस्प बात। भाई, बधाई हो, आपने कौन बनेगा करोड़पति लॉटरी जीती है। यहां केबीसी विजेता सूची की जांच करें। KBC Lottery Winner List 2020-2021

Rules for KBC jackpot winner game 2020

KBC Lottery Winners for 2020 Season, attention, please. As all of you know very well, Season 11 has completed for Karodpati Contest. We want to tell you about the 2020 Season. This season will be the winning season of all the time. Let us remember some rules to keep in mind when you are on the hot seat with Big B.

Very Initially, the contestant would have to answer the questions within a specific time frame, which is almost 30 seconds for each. The host would provide you with different options to select in each set of the game. There are various rounds in the game, known as a double-dip, Phone a friend, Power Paplu, Flip the question, and Jodidar.

Kbc jackpot winner name list 2020
Kbc jackpot winner name list 2020

KBC Official Winner Team advises you to Select your options correctly and in time. Think wisely before putting forward your exact answer. Any wrong selection can lose your lifeline resulting in you depriving you of the Mega Cash Prize. Official Winner Team wishes you all the best for Season 11.

Note: KBC Winner List is updated on our blog. Check the latest winners of 2020-2021 seasons.

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Do not receive unknown calls promoting KBC Lottery

It is advised to Kaun Banega Crorepati users to beware of unknown calls from different persons/groups of peoples. These scammers call you from mixed numbers to trap you about Lottery Prize. Never believe on these cheaters who want to grab a portion of your hard-earned money. Make a complaint on KBC Head Office Number Mumbai about these fraud calls/persons. Sony Game Show Karorepati team would take action against these persons. Chances are you would secure yourself to aware of higher authorities about this issue.

KBC Winner Guidelines

  • You have two chances per month to win the cash prize.
  • You have to recharge your SIM card & your number will include in KBC Prize Show.
  • KBC Official Website Customer Care Number is always Available to Inquire about Prize Winners. +919088985834.
  • Email or Whatsapp to reach official staff for prize inquiries.

Be ready; wherever you reside, you could be the next winner and make your name in a lucky person List. Examine & increase your existing Knowledge by answering the question on different educational forums & Facebook groups. We wish you all the best for the coming season of Jio KBC Lottery Winner Game 2020.

People of Bihar are getting luckier. Bihari persons won more prizes in Season 11. More entries are expected in the upcoming season from this region. KBC Lovers are showing their great interest in India’s Big show “KBC Lottery Winner Show.” What about you? Ready for next season? It should be, as there are countless winning opportunities are waiting for you. Win-Win & Win. Try your best to answer maximum questions and win maximum KBC Prizes. The winner list is waiting for your name to include for next season.

Stay healthy & many Best wishes from the Team KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati.

lottery number then call in KBC Jio Head Office Number.

No.KBC Jio jackpot Winner List 2020 TodayLottery AmountLottery NumberWinner Mobile #
1Mr.Sachin Singh25,00,00089918887*****87
2Ms.Vidhya Kumari25,00,00098810968*****57
3Mr.B.N Kumar25,00,00088110857*****20
4Ms.Sonakshi Devi25,00,00014875704*****62
5Mr.Vijay Sharma25,00,00000778777*****41
kbc jio jackpot winner list 2020
Kbc 25 Lakh jackpot winner 2020
Kbc 25 Lakh jackpot winner 2020

Top 10 kbc jackpot 25 Lakhs/Lacs Lottery Winner List August 2020

  • Mr.Mayank Agarwal Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Mumbai winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Kedar Jadhav Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Kolkata winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Raju Pandit Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City Gujarat winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Ms.Banita Sandhu Lottery Winner of 25 lakhs City Lucknow Winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Ms.Anushka Shetty Lottery Winner of 25 Lakhs City Delhi Winning Date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Rana Pratap Singh Lottery Winner of 1 Crore City Patna Winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Karan Deol Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Patna Winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Anuu Tamba Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City New Dehli Winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Ms.Janhavi Kapoor Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Kochi Winning date 05 August 2020.
  • Mr.Utkarsh Sharma Lottery Winner of 25,00,000 City Chennai Winning date 05 August 2020.

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Kbc Winner List 2020

NoJio KBC Lottery Winner List 2020Lottery AmountWinner Phone Number
1Ruhit sharma35,00,0009897****52
2Md Waseem Khan25,00,00088781***96
3Shusma Yadav35,00,00075053****51
4Javed Sheikh25,00,00062840***87
5Harpreet Kaur35,00,0009562****55
6Haya khan35,00,0006284****31
7Sajjad Ali bhora25,00,0007871****64
8Mr.Mithon Kumar Sharma25,00,000881*****973 
9Mr.Dhanjee Chuhan25,00,000717*****802 
10Mr.Dharmendra Sharma25,00,000970*****377
11Mr.Sangraam Lal25,00,000950*****117 
12Mr.Ajay Sharma35,00,000970*****219
13Mr.Sunil Pradhan35,00,000737*****758
14 Mr.Tejpal Sharma25,00,000 950*****003
15Mr.Qamar Masood25,00,000815*****312
16Miss.Ruchi Malviya25,00,000 808*****509
17 Mr.Gurnathan25,00,000848*****556
18Mr.Rahul Dashrate Awasrmor25,00,000976****271
19Miss.Rohtika sharma35,00,000970****219

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